2017 artists

Robert Prouty ; Artiste AméricainRobert PROUTY

Robert PROUTY has been a painter forever. Working in oils, he is a well established portrait artist in the US. His other favourite theme is the landscapes and villages of Europe — the cafés, the terraces, the people.

He went to Paris in 1964, where he spent two years at the Centre for American Artists. He then moved to Rome for a year, attending the Academy of Fine Arts. Back in the US, two years at the Art College Center of Design in Los Angeles completed his training.

Robert splits his time between the US and Europe, constantly working and developing his personal style.

Website : www.proutyart.com


From 1966 to 1972 Simone BENICHOU studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bordeaux. She has exhibited in many galleries in Limoges, La Rochelle, Poitiers, Bordeaux and Houston (US).

She says of her work: “I paint what is essential in my view: spirituality, the fleetingness of human life, and the reason for existing (or not).”

She lives in Thézan des Corbières.