Carré d’As with JM Cabrol — review

19 August 2015

JM Cabrol with Carré d'As dans le jardin du jazz

Anyone would think Stan Getz had been whispering in Jean-Michel Cabrol’s ear: “I think we must try to create the most beautiful music we can… there’s so much hatred in the world, we must fight it with beauty…”

On a mild August evening, jazz quartet Carré d’As created moments of grace and exceptional beauty for an enraptured audience. For the most part, the repertoire consisted of original compositions by JM Cabrol (tenor and alto sax, flute) and Thierry Ollé (Hammond organ). They were accompanied by André Neufert on percussion and Dominique Rieux on vocals, trumpet and bugle. Among the tracks they played for us were Rue du Paradis, Petit Homme aux Doigts d’Or (a tribute to the pianist Michel Pettrucciani), Note Bleue, La Biguine Amana, and Funky Gaga.

The musicians responded generously to their very appreciative audience. One of the most moving moments was when Dominique Rieux launched into The Godfather, his rich voice lulled by the honeyed sound of the tenor sax.

The association La Douceur des Arts congratulates Carré d’As on being this year’s ‘Tremplin’ winners at the Jazz Festival in Sète.

The 2015 season in the jardin du jazz comes to an end on Sunday 30 August (changed from Monday 31 August) with a jazz funk concert by Tante Jaco, a sextet from Toulouse. We’re expecting another capacity crowd, so please do book your places in good time. We look forward to seeing you!

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