Coco Briaval — 2016 review

25 June 2016

Coco Briaval @ La Douceur des Arts

On Saturday 25 June, La Douceur des Arts opened its doors to Coco Briaval and his gypsy jazz band for the second time. They played a superb concert which got our 2016 season off to a splendid start. Once again, the audience fell under the spell of this talented quartet who bring this wonderful musical style to vibrant life.

Although the evening was somewhat cool and breezy, we welcomed a large and enthusiastic audience, who were touched by the sweet and sensual melodies produced by the band — Coco Briaval (vocals and guitar), Gilbert Briaval (vocals and percussion), Zézé Briaval (alto sax) and Pascal Briaval (bass guitar).

The electrifying first set featured beautiful pieces such as ‘Fortunada’, in a masterful interpretation by percussionist Gilbert Briaval. Later he treated us to ‘Papoum Song’, sung in the manouche language Indi.

After the interval the band played a number of classic tracks from the 1960s, by jazz heroes including Stéphane Grappelli, Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery and Charlie Parker. They interspersed them with pieces from their own jazz repertoire, and songs from the French chanson tradition, played with a Briaval jazz twist. Among them, Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Black Trombone’, sung by Gilbert in his inimitable style.

Just like last year, the magic worked: the Briaval family won everyone’s hearts with the sheer beauty of their music.

Join us for the next concert in the jardin du jazz: Mickaël Sourd Quartet on Sunday 17 July. We look forward to seeing you!

[wc_testimonial by=”Diane” url=”” position=”left”]Great night at the Jazz last evening, thank you all. Good band, wine and food. Looking forward to the next one.[/wc_testimonial]

[wc_testimonial by=”Peter” url=”” position=”left”]I absolutely adored the concert[/wc_testimonial]

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