JM Cabrol — 2017 review

7 July 2017

JM Cabrol

JM Cabrol Quartet: the first concert of the 2017 season in the jardin du jazz at Thézan de Corbières

A large audience turned out once again for the first concert of the new season. Even a couple of technical hitches, swiftly sorted our by the organisers, didn’t dampen their enthusiasm.

The quartet, made up of Vincent Calmettes (percussion), Gérard Poncin (piano and synthesizer), Philippe Panel (bass guitar and double bass) and Jean Michel Cabrol (sax), have been playing in the region for many years.

The evening began with some well known melodies from their personal repertoire. After the interval, they thrilled the audience with some classic jazz standards: Gershwin’s famous ‘Summertime’ allowed Cabrol to woo us with some superb solos. The Cabrol-Poncin duo continued with more of their personal compositions mixed with jazzy remakes of some classical French songs. The concert ended with more personal compositions from Cabrol, which the connoisseurs in the audience particularly appreciated.

The next concert on Friday 21 July sees the jardin du jazz expand its horizons. We’ll be hosting the BKO Quintet, whose music will take us on a journey to the heart of contemporary Mali.

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