Mickaël Sourd Quartet — 2016 review

17 July 2016

Michaél Sourd Quartet @ La Douceur des Arts

Thézan’s 2016 jazz season continues with another popular concert

People arrived early on a beautiful summer’s evening to claim their seats for the second concert in the 2016 season in the jardin du jazz.

Before introducing the Mickaël Sourd Quartet, the president of La Douceur des Arts, Serge Allemand, together with Patrick Dapot, mayor of Thézan, called on the audience to pay tribute to the victims of the Nice attack with a minute’s silence, which was charged with emotion.

The quartet — which has made a name for itself at various local festivals including Conilhac 2015 and Jazz sur son 31 — brings together the talented young musicians Mickaël Sourd on guitar, Frédéric Léger on double bass, Thomas Doméné on percussion, and Guillaume Gardey de Soos on trumpet. Well versed in jazz standards from the 1960s, their musical references include jazz greats such as Wes Montgomery, Horace Silver, Kenny Burrell and Lee Morgan.

The audience were keenly appreciative of the evening’s jazz which was notable for its sweet musicality and harmonious tonality. At the end of the evening, the band was moved to thank the audience for its obvious enjoyment of the concert.

Next concert:  JM Cabrol Quartet on Sunday 31 July. Booking is strongly recommended — please call 06 27 28 22 04 or email jazz@ladouceurdesarts.fr

[wc_testimonial by=”Jan” url=”” position=”left”]Congratulations on a superb evening, it was so enjoyable and the meal was delicious.[/wc_testimonial]

[wc_testimonial by=”Peter” url=”” position=”left”]I absolutely adored the recent jazz concert.[/wc_testimonial]

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musical extract from the evening