2014 artists

Paule M Hall

Paule M HallI have lived in Thézan des Corbières since retiring 10 years ago. Having more time to devote to my love of painting I started studying with Di Morritt Spinks four years ago. I paint for pleasure and here in the Corbières there is much to inspire. Recently I have been commissioned to paint studies of peoples’ houses and gardens.

Monique Miquel

I’ve loved painting and drawing ever since my teenage years. Returning to the Corbières from Paris means I now have the time to devote to it.

Michèle Sardain

I only started painting seven years ago, but I’ve always been passionate about colour and texture. I particularly enjoy painting portraits and favour an expressionist style.

Di Morritt Spinks

DiMorrittSpinksDi Morritt Spinks is a New Zealand artist. Over the past 20 years she’s lived and worked in France, Wales, London, Cyprus and Los Angeles. Now she splits her time between her studios in Wales and Montséret, painting and giving art lessons.

Her paintings are held in private collections in Cyprus, Singapore, New Zealand, England, Wales, France, the Lebanon and Spain.

She’s an experienced portrait painter who accepts many commissions.

Website: www.colourwashes.com