Di Morritt SpinksDi Morritt Spinks

Born in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, Di worked for 30 years as a trained teacher and part-time artist in London and New Zealand. Since 1995, she’s worked full time as an artist in: London, California, Cyprus, Wales and France.

She has exhibited in New Zealand and Cyprus, and has original paintings in private collections in: Singapore, New Zealand, California, Cyprus, England, France, Wales, Lebanon and Spain.

Presently working and teaching from her studios in Wales and Montséret.

Website: www.colourwashes.com

Also exhibiting will be students from Di’s studio in Montseret:

Paule M HallPaule M Hall

I have lived in Thézan des Corbières since retiring 10 years ago. Having more time to devote to my love of painting I started studying with Di Morritt Spinks four years ago. I paint for pleasure and here in the Corbières there is much to inspire. Recently I have been commissioned to paint studies of peoples’ houses and gardens.

Jan FitzhardingeJan Fitzhardinge

I have been painting, with Di Morritt Spinks as my tutor, for 7 years, enjoying the freedom to experiment with different styles and subjects. Some influences are Nicolas de Staël and Gerhard Richter.

Norah and Michael Lydon

Norah and Michael attended classes for several years. After an absence of three years Norah has just recommenced classes in 2016.

Félix VincentInvited artist: Félix Vincent

École des Beaux Arts de Lyon et Arts-Déco de Paris, sculpture.
Worked with various sculptors and painters (Ecuador, Canada, France)

Oils, acrylics, inks etc

France (Paris, Lyon, Carcassonne, Lézignan, Narbonne …)
Canada (Montreal, Quebec)
USA (Westpoint, Connecticut – Houston, Texas)
Ecuador (Quito