the jazz bands 2014

Meet the jazz bands who were at the heart of our 2014 concert season.

L’Affaire à Swing: Monday 21 July

Affaire à Swing is a New Orleans jazz swing quartet whose musicians are united by their friendship and their talent. They invite you to share their passion for swing and jazz for your and their own enjoyment. Never predictable, they’ll treat you to an evening that mixes well known jazz numbers and less well known numbers from the world of swing, to create a concert full of life and rhythm based on the harmonious pairing of voices and instruments. Find out more…

JM Cabrol Quartet: Saturday 16 August

Jean-Michel Cabrol is a tenor saxophonist who started playing at the age of seven in the Big Youth Jazz Band at Gruissan, run by his teacher Jules Carnette.

In 1993 he moved to Paris where he spent two years studying composing and arranging at the American School of Modern Music and playing in various jazz clubs. He set up his quartet in 1997 and has since been a regular performer at festivals including Marciac, Millau, Foix and Andorra. Find out more…

Santandréa Jazz Band: Wednesday 24 September

The Santandrea Jazz Band brings you New Orleans jazz music that will transport you straight to the warmth of Louisiana. Their carefully chosen repertoire creates a magical atmosphere, pairing Negro spirituals and classic pieces such as Wallis Willis’s ‘Swing low, sweet chariot’ and Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a wonderful world’. Find out more…

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