L’Affaire à Swing

  • Eric GILLES: banjo, guitar, vocals
  • Marc ORIOL: tuba, arrangements, vocals
  • Pascal PEZOT: tenor sax, vocals
  • Jérôme VACQUIE: soprano sax, flute, vocals
L'Affaire a Swing - live in the Jardin du jazz @ La Douceur des Arts

L’Affaire a Swing — live in the Jardin du jazz

L’Affaire à Swing is a New Orleans jazz swing quartet whose musicians are united by their friendship and their talent. These four professional and experienced jazzmen perform on TV, on stage, in jazz clubs, in recording studios and in the street. At every performance Eric, Marc, Jérôme and Pascal share their passion for jazz and swing in a very accessible way.

To a steel base, add an electric repertoire, never-before-heard arrangements, a pinch of modernism against a traditional background, and a generous sprinkling of whimsy. Bring it all to the boil and serve it show-style!

Enjoy a surprising program that will take you from Dixieland to well known New Orleans standards, and from original arrangements with a taste of swing to the frenzied rhythms of Walt Disney.

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Live at the jardin du jazz: