Santandréa Jazz Band

  • Jacques VIDAL: cornet, vocals
  • Guy SANCHEZ: tenor and soprano sax, clarinet
  • Michel CALVAYRAC: percussion
  • Jean SANTANDRÉA: double bass, vocals

In their naturally relaxed and joyful style, the musicians who make up the Santandréa Jazz Band will treat you to jazz standards based on the greats from the period 1910 to 1940, such as Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Fats Waller, Django Reinhardt, Jack Teagarden, Edward ‘Kid’ Ory and Earl Hines.

Jacques Vidal brings to the stage a veritable anthology of this style of music. He’ll alternate between playing the cornet and the trumpet, and displaying his amazing talent for imitating some of the great voices from the 1930s. In between numbers he’ll share some historical details and slip in some amusing anecdotes.

Jean Santandréa is among the most active musicians on the departmental jazz scene. He accompanies some of the great jazz soloists, including Marc Laferrière, Roger Guérin, Irakli, Maxim Saury and Eric Luter. In parallel, he performs on the big stage with musicians such as the Grand Orchestre du Splendid, Michel Delpech and Jeane Manson.

Between 1965 and 2004, Jean Santandréa and his colleagues travelled the highways and byways of France and other countries, pursuing a groundbreaking career as modern-day troubadours. Their performances included concerts and festivals such as Île d’Oléron, Marciac, St Raphaël, Sorgues and Paris; events in Corsica, Strasbourg and Luxembourg; European tours taking in Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands; and numerous TV and radio appearances.

In 1999 he formed his Santandréa Jazz Band, in which each musician excels in his role: Guy Sanchez on clarinet, Jean-Jacques Fauré on trombone, Bruno Perren on banjo. Every instrument is featured in virtuoso solos. On percussion, the indispensable Michel Calvayrac demonstrates his vast expertise, which extends to putting thimbles on his fingers to play the washboard.

As the band leader, Jean Santandréa on double bass can be proud of the perfect harmony between his musicians. At every performance, the band’s music and rhythm enliven the stage and delight the audience.