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dans le Jardin du Jazz

Meet the bands who’ll be performing in 2015.

Coco Briaval in concertCoco Briaval: Saturday 27 June

Gypsy jazz band Coco Briaval was founded in 1964 by Henri (Coco) Briaval and his brothers Gilbert and René. Their music follows the gypsy jazz tradition made popular by Django Reinhardt and Manitas de Plata. Find out more…

Harlem Fantasy Orchestra album coverHarlem Fantasy Orchestra: Sunday 19 July

The Harlem Fantasy Orchestra is a tribute to the music of Duke Ellington’s earliest years: his “jungle style”, the Savoy Ballroom and, of course, the Harlem sound… The challenge they set themselves was to recreate the Duke’s “big band” sound with just six musicians — and to do so without a piano for, it goes without saying, the Duke himself is irreplaceable. Find out more…

Carré d'As photoCarré d’As: Wednesday 19 August

These four well known musicians played on the national and international stage for many years, so it was inevitable they would eventually reunite. The line-up features JM Cabrol on tenor sax and flute, Dominique Rieux on trumpet, Thierry Ollé on keyboards, and André Neufert on percussion. Find out more…

Tante Jaco in concertTante Jaco: Sunday 30 August (changed from Monday 31 August)

Jazz funk sextet Tante Jaco was formed to revive and reinvigorate instrumental funk music from the 1970s to the present day. Find out more…

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