Harlem Fantasy Orchestra

Sunday 19 July 2015

Harlem Fantasy Orchestra
— a tribute to Duke Ellington

  • Renaud PERRAIS : clarinet, sax, trumpet
  • Christophe TELLEZ : saxophone
  • Eric MARTIGNOLES : trombone
  • Eric GILLES : banjo
  • Stéphane MONCASSIN : sousaphone
  • Xavier BONNERY : percussion

The Harlem Fantasy Orchestra is a tribute to the music of Duke Ellington’s earliest years: his ‘jungle style’, the Savoy Ballroom and, of course, the Harlem sound… The challenge they set themselves was to recreate the Duke’s ‘big band’ sound with just six musicians — and to do so without a piano for, it goes without saying, the Duke himself is irreplaceable.

These music professionals have a common goal, to bring Ellington’s timeless music to life and get the audience up on its feet!

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