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dans le Jardin du Jazz

Meet the bands who’ll be performing in 2016.

Coco Briaval: Saturday 25 June

Gypsy jazz band Coco Briaval was founded in 1964 by Henri (Coco) Briaval and his brothers Gilbert and René. Their music follows the gypsy jazz tradition made popular by Django Reinhardt and Manitas de Plata. Find out more…

Mickaël Sourd QuartetMickaël Sourd Quartet: Sunday 17 July

Consisting of Mickaël Sourd on guitar, Frédéric Léger on double bass, Thomas Domene on percussion, and Guillaume Gardey de Soos on trumpet, the group takes its inspiration and influences from the jazz scene of the late 1950s. They define their music as part of the hard bop movement — a skilful mix drawing on African roots, rhythm and blues, blues and gospel, with a touch of bebop and swing. Find out more…

JM Cabrol QuartetJM Cabrol Quartet: Sunday 31 July

Jean-Michel Cabrol joue su saxo ténor. Il débute à sept ans chez Jules Camette son prof de musique dans le « Big Band Jazz des Jeunes de Gruissan ».

En 1993, il part à Paris durant deux ans pour y suivre des cours d’arrangement et de composition à « l’Américan School of Modern Music » tout en jouant dans des clubs de jazz de la capitale. Forme son quartet en tant que leader en 1997 et donne de nombreux concerts depuis dans les festivals (Marciac, Millau, Foix, Andorre). Find out more…

The Lady Soul FourThe Lady Soul Four: Sunday 21 August

When Lidiane Arbogast sings, her audience really feels it.

She’s blessed with a powerful voice that she uses with the same control and brilliance as all the great singers. On top of that, she’s chosen her musical allies well: Pierre Thuriès on percussion, Thierry Ollé on the Hammond organ, and Jean-Michel Cabrol on sax — a talented trio that plays the very best in groove music. Find out more…

Azulenca flamencoAzulenca: Sunday 3 September

The flamenco group Azulenca started out in the Gers in 2006. At its heart is Sylvia Morales, a singer with Andalucian origins and a powerful, sensitive voice. For over a decade, Pascal Thibaut has accompanied her on guitar, both on stage and in flamenco workshops and courses. Find out more…

[wc_testimonial by=”Diane” url=”” position=”left”]We really enjoy the evenings, good atmosphere, music, food and the people.[/wc_testimonial]

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