The Lady Soul Four

Sold out! If you come along without having booked, you may not get in. (If you’ve booked but now can’t make it, please let us know)

Sunday 21 August 2016

  • Lidiane ARBOGAST: vocals
  • JM CABROL: sax
  • Pierre THURIES: percussion
  • Thierry OLLE: Hammond organ
The Lady Soul Four


No-one comes away from a Lidiane Arbogast concert feeling unmoved.

She’s blessed with a powerful voice that she uses with the same control and brilliance as all the great singers. On top of that, she’s chosen her musical allies well: Pierre Thuriès on percussion, Thierry Ollé on the Hammond organ, and Jean-Michel Cabrol on sax — a talented trio that plays the very best in groove music.

Supported by this dream team, Lidiane freely interprets a rich African-American repertoire — from blues to funk, via soul and jazz. Listen to the music and let yourself go!

The Lady Soul Four on YouTube:

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