Friday 7 July 2017

  • Jean-Michel CABROL : sax
  • Gérard PONCIN : piano, synthesiser
  • Vincent CALMETTES : percussion
  • Philippe PANEL : double bass, electric bass guitar

JM Cabrol

This group comprising four musicians from the Languedoc sets out to reclaim the jazz tradition by way of an original and personalised approach to the music.

Their repertoire allies jazz with mixed rhythms and includes original compositions as well as standard pieces from a wide variety of musical traditions from around the world, such as bossa nova, samba, French popular songs and pop music.

With numerous appearances at festivals and national events, the JM Cabrol Quartet is considered one of the most experienced groups in the area.

Jean-Michel Cabrol also plays in the Big Band 31 and the Big Band Brass, and in trombonist Glenn Ferris’s Pentessence quintet.

In the media:
French jazzman’s life on 2 tracks — New York Times, September 2005

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JM Cabrol Quartet live in the jardin du jazz

with the support of:

Aud’Immo – Thézan des Corbières

Carrefour Market – Lezignan Corbières

Cellier des Demoiselles – Saint-Laurent-de-la-Cabrerisse

Intermarché – Lezignan Corbières

La Pizzeria du Village – Thézan des Corbières

Les Pains du Gaujac – Lezignan Corbières

La Mairie de Thézan des Corbières

Place des Marchés, Villesèque des Corbières